Read what just some of my clients have to say:

'Really enjoyed the relaxed & personal nature of the workshop. Kate is wonderful - friendly, down to earth & generous in her personal stories.

So super glad we did this!'


'I would like to thank you very much for all the support during the course as I really felt that it worked without even trying while I was in the hospital.'


'I really valued Kate's calm & open approach. Really helpful to hear her experiences (e.g. of a positive experience despite induction).

Can't believe that I'm now looking forward to the birth!"


'Lovely relaxed, informal atmosphere with the right amount of information/discussion & practical tips for relaxing.

Kate is very knowledgable and made me feel very at ease right from the beginning.'


'I had such an amazing water birth with no gas and air until 9cm dilated.


Hypnobirthing definitely worked for me, thank you!'


'The labour went pretty smoothly & quickly right up until the end - the tens machine was brilliant & lasted up until the final moments, and all of the hypnobirthing techniques helped hugely.

Thanks again for all your help & guidance!'


"I gave birth with no pain relief or interventions. The first part of the labour I was in the water but had to get out for the pushing stage.

I listened to your main hypnobirthing track on a loop throughout the contractions and used visualisations and it helped so much! That part was very calm and special, the bath was by the window and we were able to watch the sun rise over the mountains by lake Como! 

My midwife was amazing, she loved my visual birth plan!


Thanks so much Kate your course made a huge difference for me!" Lucy

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