About me

Hi, I'm Kate

I've used hypnobirthing myself and know first hand how much of a difference it can make to birth. I offer realistic and honest advice because I know that birth doesn't always go the way that you want it to (however much planning or positive thinking that you do) and will teach you practical tools and techniques to help you stay calm and in control whatever path your birth takes.

I've been teaching hypnobirthing since 2013 and have lots of experience to help guide you through and prepare for a better birth experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples over the years and I love my job (because it is a lovely thing to be able to help women feel confident and have a positive impact on their birth!).

I keep all my group classes small for a reason. I like to create a relaxed, informal and welcoming environment for you where you can feel comfortable, ask any questions you have and feel like you are getting the personal attention that you need. I think that my couples, parents and babies all benefit from an intimate group where everyone is noticed, rather than getting lost in a large crowd. I maintain this personal relationship after the class and am available right up until the birth of your baby to offer support and advice when needed. 

I've been where you are now. I've felt the anxiety creeping up as I got nearer and nearer to my due date and I know how it feels when people share their horror stories on sight of your bump (hmm... thanks for that). I was nervous about the birth, not knowing what to expect (& everything I did know didn't sound very appealing) and anxious that I wouldn't be able to cope with the pain. I felt out of control and wanted to find a way of preparing for birth that would help me feel back in control.

That’s when I came across hypnobirthing and everything changed for me.

I had my son, Jonah, in November 2012. It wasn’t the birth I'd planned (I had hoped for a water birth but ended up needing to be induced) but it was a totally amazing experience. Thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques that I’d practised during my pregnancy, it was a relaxed, beautiful and positive induction birth. I stayed calm and in control and it was the perfect birth for me and my baby.

Helping you have a positive birth experience

A positive birth is not about having a 'perfect birth', it is about being in control, making informed decisions and knowing the best ways to keep you calm, relaxed and comfortable so that you have the right birth for you.

I'm here to help equip you & your birth partner with all the information & confidence that you need so that you can negotiate your birth together as a team and  be able to make informed decisions when necessary. I'm here to teach you all the tools you need to make your birth a calm and enjoyable experience, and to help you have the best birth for you on the day. 

Why choose me over other hypnobirthing teachers?

It's important to trust and have a connection with your teacher - only you will know if I'm the right fit for you. Helping you to have the most positive birth possible is what's important to me and I offer a relaxed and non-judgemental approach - whatever type of birth you're planning.

I've worked with hundreds of couples over the years and have some lovely feedback which you can read to help you decide. I also have some beautiful birth stories from past clients for you to read through.

Or get in touch if you'd like to chat and see if we're a match.

My experience

I qualified as a hypnobirthing instructor and established BabyBien in 2013. I wrote my own online hypnobirthing programme which launched in 2016 (which all of my clients get access to as part of their course). I joined the Little Birth Company in 2019, a lovely brand that really reflects my own values. I've been teaching baby massage since 2017.

I'm passionate about helping other women have a positive birth and have been actively involved in my local Positive Birth Movement group since it started in 2014, and running my own group since May 2015. I've been a guest speaker at Kingston and St.George's University talking to midwives about hypnobirthing & regularly give talks for Mamas & Papas at their Expectant Parent events.

I look forward to working with you and your babies!

Kate x

do you have any questions about me or the courses i run?