Week 4 - Chest & Face


To help relieve congestion on the chest place your hands in the centre of baby’s chest and draw a heart shape by gently moving up the chest towards the shoulders.

Using alternate hands stroke from the top of your baby's shoulders to the opposite hips without breaking contact, making a cross shape. Repeat several times.

Draw little circles with the pads of the first two fingers of both hands across the top of your baby's chest, moving from the centre of the chest to the tops of the arms. Repeat several times.

Stroke both hands from the centre of the chest outwards, as if drawing butterfly wings. repeat the stroke moving slightly further down each time. Repeat several times.

These motions help to relax the muscles in baby’s chest and help them breathe more easily. Great for reducing anxiety and any congestion baby may have on the chest.


To relax the face, use your thumbs to gently stroke from the centre of baby’s forehead to the sides of the forehead.

Trace your fingers gently across baby's forehead above each eyebrow.

Cup baby's face in your hands around the chin and run your thumbs above the top lip, tracing a smile from the centre of the face to the edge of the mouth. Repeat this below baby's mouth.

To ease breathing or any signs of a sniffle, run your forefingers gently either side of baby's nose and across the cheek under baby's eyes.

To help with teething pain, use two fingers to massage in circles in the middle of baby’s cheeks.

All the chins. To finish off the face, run your fingers under baby's chin in a light tickly motion, stroking 'all the chins'.

Chest & Face (printable version)