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  1. Always a mum

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    Guest Blog by the lovely Mummy Poet

    mummy poet

    Always a mum

    She catches the tube for a Friday night out,
    Her hair freshly blow-dried, a painted on pout,
    She looks just like anyone heading to town,
    But look a bit closer, you'll see a slight frown.

    If you opened her bag you might find some more clues,
    A crushed box of raisins, a note about shoes.
    Next to her make-up a packet of wipes,
    Some small bits of plastic, the bell from a trike.

    She sits up and breathes, her face softens and mends,
    This moment so rare now, a date with old friends.
    She flicks through her phone-pics of giggles and smiles,
    She looks out the window, seems lost for a while.

    It's time to get off now as this is her stop,
    She makes a quick call "Keep an eye on his cough",
    Tonight she is her again, time to have fun,
    But wherever she goes she is always a mum.
    Mummy Poet x