Baby: Nurture. Bond. Support.

Supporting you and your baby

Congratulations on your new arrival! Becoming a parent is where the fun really begins! You might find your feet as a new parent quickly and confidently, or it may take you a little time to get into your rhythm. Either way, we're by your side to support your journey with a range of baby classes and workshops to help you bond with your baby and parent confidently.

Baby massage classes

Baby massage classes are a really positive way for you to relax and bond with your new baby. Come along to a group class & make new friends while spending some precious calm time with your little one. Alternatively, if you have a group of friends already, you could arrange a private course.

Massage, Movement & Rhyme classes

Our new baby massage class for babies aged 4 months and upwards which continues to promote all the benefits of our traditional baby massage course, while furthering your baby's development with added movement, use of sensory toys and props and lots of fun rhymes to keep your baby entertained.

Introducing your baby to solid food

As your baby develops, it’s time to start thinking about weaning. Our starting solids workshop is the perfect way to guide you through all the information available and help you introduce your baby to solid foods in a relaxed & confident way. Suitable for parents and carers, babies are welcome to come along to sessions or private sessions can be arranged at your home.

Or why not join one of our 'Baby Brunch' sessions - a fun way to introduce your baby to new foods while meeting with other new parents in a relaxed setting.