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You're not alone

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Guest Blog by the lovely Mummy Poet

mummy poet

You're not alone

When you've been up since 5 in the morning,
When you're feeling just barely awake,
When the tantrums and caffeine aren't mixing,
When your hands are beginning to shake.

When your washing pile seems never ending,
When the worry is getting you down,
When your toddler has crashed before playgroup,
When you're finding it hard not to frown.

When little hands reach up to hug you,
When a small voice shrieks 'Mummy!' with joy,
When your antics cause fits of the giggles,
When they squeal with delight at new toys.

When a mum friend shares stories of down-days,
When you laugh at bad times, share a moan,
When a kind word or act of compassion,
Makes you realise you're not on your own.
Mummy Poet x

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