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Today is the Day

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Guest Blog by the lovely Mummy Poet

mummy poet

Today is the day

Today is the day that my toddler won't fuss,
He won't have a meltdown on sweaty packed bus,
He'll eat all his vegetables, try out some fruit,
I'll chat on on the phone and he won't scream "TOOT TOOT".

Today is the day that he'll wee on the pot,
Won't refuse his cool dinner for being "TOO HOT!"
He won't tantrum and cry when we mention a bath,
Accept that it's bedtime with a shrug and a laugh.

Today is the day when he won't snatch a toy,
Will share and play nicely with other small boy.
He'll be happy and helpful, won't needle and whine,
He won't have a tantrum at 'tidy-up' time.

Maybe tomorrow.

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