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Guest Blog by the lovely Mummy Poet

mummy poet


Your first day at pre-school, where has the time flown?
No longer in nappies, you've blossomed and grown.
Our 'us' time is changing, I have to let go,
Your turn to make choices and friends of your own.

At first I'll stay with you and watch you with care,
I'll then say goodbye "Please play nicely and share".
I pray you won't cry, I'll be coming back soon,
I'll sit in a coffee shop, stare at my spoon.

Three hours will go slowly, then time to return,
You'll rush out to greet me, tell me all that you've learned.
In no time it's 'real school' there's no turning back,
I'll cherish these years and my heart feels a crack.

They say it goes quickly, these precious few years,
At times it's been hard with the tantrums and tears.
You're no longer a baby my beautiful son,
So let's welcome your boyhood, adventures to come.
Mummy Poet x

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