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  1. A Father's Day Message

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    Guest Blog by the lovely Mummy Poet

    mummy poet

    A Father's Day Message

    We know we're sometimes a pain, don't you dare call it 'nagging',
    But you're there for us all when our energy's flagging,
    You get overlooked once the children are here,
    So on this annual day grab yourself a cold beer.

    We may moan about housework, beard hairs in the sink,
    But we prize your support when we're right on the brink.
    To hear conversations between you and our child,
    Melts away all resentments when we feel tired and riled.

    Family life can be wonderful but also quite hard,
    When resources are stretched and you've maxed out your cards.
    Forget yesterday's quibbles and having 'your say',
    give your partner a hug on this year's Fathers Day.

    Mummy Poet x